Take Your Marketing Efforts To The Next Level With These Golden Sales Conversion Strategies


Building an Effective Sales Page

When you’ve seen numerous copywriting formulas claiming to teach you how to create the ideal sales page, it can be hard to separate the good from the bad. The first part of the process happens when you realize that effective copywriting is more than just one formula; it’s a persuasive exercise. Whichever sales page creation method you choose, the most critical thing is to understand the philosophy behind its parts. Let’s learn about the components of a successful sales page.


  • An attention-getting headline: You probably know how important it is to have a great headline, and how vital it is to have good sales page graphics. If you don’t get the headline right, no one will be interested in reading anything else. The best headlines pre-qualify readers based on what they’re looking for, and they promise an interesting result for those who stick around.
  • Promising, persuasive opening paragraphs: If your headline incites curiosity in your readers, you then need to get them to commit. Use the opening paragraphs of your sales page to draw readers in, establish a rapport, and fulfill the promises you made in your headline. These paragraphs are called “teasers” for a reason; they’re there to show enough to make your readers want to learn more. Help them realize they’re right where they need to be, and they’ll read to the end of the page.
  • A story that tells readers why you’re making the offer: People tend to make an emotional connection with sales copy that tells a good story. Create an accurate but compelling story as to why you’re making a particular offer about the wealthy affiliate cost, and your readers will relate to it better. The reader clicked on your offer because they’re looking for a result, and they will listen closely to a storyline that involves achievement of those results.
  • Details that establish a rapport and increase credibility: The most effective sales letters include a “Who I am” section that serves to establish the author’s credibility. While there’s a lot to be said about this mode of delivery, there are other methods to achieve comparable results. Readers will buy from someone likable; add details that make you an interesting, expert source, and your message will instantly become more compelling.
  • Include testimonials from happy customers: Many people regard testimonial sections as a way for an author to stroke their ego. However, your site visitors won’t care; they’re looking for solutions to their own problems. They’re going to ask if your PLR book will work, if they’ll have time to use it, and if you can be trusted. It’s on you to anticipate these questions and gather testimonials offering reassurance to the audience’s anxieties.

As I mentioned earlier, there are countless copywriting instructionals out there, and all work in certain situations. This list is not an exhaustive one by any means. Rather, it’s intended to give you some basic guidelines on writing an effective piece of sales copy to promote your PLR makeover.

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